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About Ernst-Jan Pfauth

Ernst-Jan Pfauth (1986) is co-founder and publisher of De Correspondent, a Dutch-language, online journalism platform that offers background, analysis, investigative reporting, and the kinds of stories that tend to escape the radar of mainstream media because they do not conform to what is normally understood to be ‘news.’ De Correspondent launched on September 30th 2013, after raising a total of 1.7 million dollars with a world record crowd-funding campaign. It currently has 35,000 subscribers who pay 60 euros per year.

Ernst-Jan is the former Editor-in-chief of Internet at NRC Handelsblad, as well as an acclaimed technology author and columnist who has written two books on blogging. In 2008 and 2009, he served as editor in chief of The Next Web Blog, which is now among the ten most-visited blogs of the world.

Ernst-Jan’s mission in journalism

3,000 teachers know more than one Education journalist. That’s why Ernst-Jan believes journalists should serve as conversation leaders and readers as contributing experts. Read how De Correspondent tries to make that work on their platform or watch the Dutch with English subtitles below:

And here’s his hobby:

His hobby is collecting photos of writers at work. Since 2011, he has added over 400 photos to the archives. One of the portrayed subjects liked what he saw:

On july 24th, 2014, Salman Rushdie tweeted about his photo in Writers at Work
On July 24th, 2014, Salman Rushdie tweeted about his photo in Writers at Work

Ernst-Jan also presented the Amsterdam-based literary talk show Literaturfest, for which he interviewed, among others, David Sedaris, Chad Harbach, David Vann, Sasha Grey, Etgar Keret, Gary Shteyngart and Donna Tartt. You can watch a video of the Tartt interview on Vimeo.

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