Yesterday I visited a festival called Kantor in a deserted laboratory, somewhere in an industrial area in the western outskirts of Amsterdam.

At an art installation, I discovered this great work by Olivier van Breugel and Simone Mudde, who photographed Rijksmuseum visitors who photograph the Dutch masters.

I’m always mildly irritated when I see groups of tourists posing next to an artwork, seemingly reducing it to just another check mark on their bucket list.

So it’s quite an accomplishment that these two photographers have turned this into an esthetic celebration of experiencing art:

Between Screens (2014). Photo by Olivier van Breugel and Simon Mudde.
Between Screens (2014). Photo by Olivier van Breugel and SimoneMudde.

More on the artists’ website.

Here’s a video of Van Breugel and Mudde talking about Between Screens:

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