Why I won’t be late to any party anymore (thanks to bitcoin)

Today we are pleased to announce that Coinbase has raised $75 million in Series C financing, the largest funding round to date for a Bitcoin company. This brings our total capital raised to $106 million.

I wonder whether this news will cause the buy price of bitcoin to climb.

I use Coinbase to buy bitcoin. Big fan actually, but lately I’ve started associating it with nosediving. When I bought bitcoin, I think the buying price was around 300 euros, now it’s a mere 180 euros.

In 2011, I worked as chief digital at NRC Handelsblad, a Dutch newspaper company. During that time, almost every developer there bought bitcoin. Had I done so too, I would’ve been close to a millionaire now.

(I’m afraid those developers sold too early, by the way)

Bitcoin, my personal history of shame
Bitcoin, my personal history of shame

Bitcoin pushed me over the edge: I’ll never come late to a party anymore. It happened to me with Twitter, I joined in October 2007 after laughing about it for months. Right when the happy days had ended. And it happened to me with bitcoin. My current policy is to try *everything* that my friends or colleagues consider worth while and see whether it has value for me too. Also, I subscribed to Product Hunt.

As for bitcoin. Smart people like super VC Fred Wilson are believers and I’m impressed by the possibilities of the blockchain and how it can help us to identity ourselves online (without selling our souls to Facebook). I joined in because bitcoin just wouldn’t disappear, and that intrigued me. Is this currency and the technology behind so grand that mere mortals like me won’t understand? So I don’t mind the low value. I just see it as a stake in the future of the web.

I guess that’s the main reason I don’t want to arrive late at a party anymore. It’s not about the money or the number of followers, I just want to understand why these services (or currencies) are so loved by people I know.

Published by Ernst-Jan Pfauth

Ernst Pfauth is co-founder and CEO of The Correspondent, a journalism platform for “unbreaking news” that successfully crowdfunded $2.6 million from 45,888 backers in November 2018 and will launch in mid-2019.

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  1. Al in worldcoin geinvesteerd ? veel sneller dan bitcoin en op dit moment nog veel goedkoper

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