The ‘Everywhere’ Strategy

With De Correspondent, we publish our stories everywhere. Listen to our podcasts on our site, Soundcloud or iTunes? It’s up to you.

Recently someone made fun of our low YouTube numbers. ‘They invested all this money in a video and all they got was a couple of hundred views’. Well, he missed the thousands of views of the  Facebook video.

‘Buzzfeed Everywhere’

BuzzFeed has the same strategy. In a long interview with The Verge, CEO Jonah Peretti explained the distribution strategy of BuzzFeed. The interviewer responded: ‘This sounds like BuzzFeed Everywhere.’

“You’re pushing BuzzFeed content into every platform and you’re making kind of every bet. You’re making a web bet, you’re making a ‘social-content-driving-back-to-your-website’ bet, you’re making a ‘we’re putting an app on your homescreen’ bet. Where does BuzzFeed live? Where do you think of as BuzzFeed’s canonical home?”

Peretti then explained distribution of stories ‘really should be dictated by what’s best for the consumer’.

Publish everywhere, centralize the statistics

Buzzfeed publishes their content everywhere and then interpret the results to see on which platform they can serve the consumer better.

“Our videos are on Facebook, on YouTube, on AOL, and on Yahoo. But we’re able to use one dashboard to track how those videos are doing on all different platforms, and our video team is able to learn from that data.”

Risky business

The danger of this ‘Everywhere’ strategy is platform dependency. At De Correspondent for example, our Facebook page with almost 90k likers is frighteningly important to us. If Facebook stopped traffic to us, we would have to find a new way to get in our members media rhythm.

That’s why I agree with Peretti when he says:

“Also we should get money back, which allows us to fund doing more of it”

Yes, we are posting (links to) our stories everywhere, but we’re always focused on how we can ask visitors to become a member of De Correspondent (€60 p/y).

If you’re interested in this challenge, read ‘Every month, our membership grows with at least one percent (thanks to Facebook)‘.

Published by Ernst-Jan Pfauth

Ernst Pfauth is co-founder and CEO of The Correspondent, a journalism platform for “unbreaking news” that successfully crowdfunded $2.6 million from 45,888 backers in November 2018 and will launch in mid-2019.

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  1. Proberen jullie op die andere kanalen eigenlijk ook een soort van ‘muur’ (weliswaar geen paywall) te maken? Want die Soundclouds kunnen niet-leden toch ook allemaal beluisteren, of heb ik het mis?

    1. Nee, dat nemen we op de koop toe. Gemak voor leden is belangrijker en voorlopig hebben we niet de capaciteiten om zoiets moois als de Podcasts app of Soundcloud na te bouwen ;)

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