Focus on getting direct traffic (like Netflix does)

On the must-read Monday Note blog, one of its authors describes how Facebook and Google now dominate media distribution and why – as a publisher – you shouldn’t solely rely on them (they’re uncontrollable and the users they’re sending you aren’t loyal). He ends with a good recommendation: improving the recommendations on your own site and thus getting more people to directly access your publication:

Taken to the extreme, some medias are doing quite well by relying solely on direct access. Netflix, for instance, entirely built its audience through its unique recommendation engine. Its size and scope are staggering. No less than 300 people are assigned to analyze, understand, and serve the preferences of the network’s 50 million subscribers.

This is one of the greatest priorities at De Correspondent, where we’re building a new front page, filter methods and collections for stories. We believe we can provide a unique insight in the subjects we cover by connecting our previously published (and quiet timeless) stories.

(with the small difference that our budget isn’t as impressive as Netflix’)

Published by Ernst-Jan Pfauth

Ernst Pfauth is co-founder and CEO of The Correspondent, a journalism platform for “unbreaking news” that successfully crowdfunded $2.6 million from 45,888 backers in November 2018 and will launch in mid-2019.

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