How Beau Willimon writes House of Cards

‘Don’t write. Instead, go do something that will make you happy.’ ‘You’re still here? Congratulations, you’re a writer. You’d crawl through the desert to tell a story’. Beau Willimon wrote for theatre for twenty years. Four years ago he had his big break when Netflix purchased two seasons of House of Cards. At SxSW 2015, he gave us some […]

Richard Linklater’s films are like therapy

This weekend, I watched three films in a row: Before Sunrise (1995), Before Sunset (2004) & Before Midnight (2013). I had heard about this trilogy, but never got around watching it. Then I found out director Richard Linklater also directed Boyhood (2014). I wanted to see whether these three movies would also captured ‘love’ in […]

Some thoughts after 3.5 years of watching The West Wing

‘Did it make you a better person?’ That’s what a friend asked me when I had just finished watching The West Wing. It took me 3.5 years to watch all seven seasons (and I was already late to the party). A couple of years ago, he told me he occasionally watched episodes before going to work. […]

Frank Underwood is an optimist, says his creator

The show’s creator, for his part, has claimed he doesn’t have a cynical view of politics: Dead bodies and callous plots aside, Frank Underwood is an “optimist at heart,” Willimon insists. “He says, ‘Forward progress. Momentum. Do something instead of nothing.’” Says House of Cards-creator Beau Willimon in an interview with Politico. I didn’t see that coming […]

Here’s the legendary La Grande Bellezza dance scene

So this is on YouTube! I can now watch the dance scene from La Grande Bellezza over and over again. Especially the part where Jep Gambardella turns around, cigarette hanging from his mouth, tantalizing smile on his face – which, for studying reasons, I have captured in a GIF: And here’s the scene:

The cool guys become insurance agents

I remember reading an interview with the two creators of Southpark, where they discussed how the losers of their high schools went on and lead great lives, while the cool kids all became insurance agents. I’ve always remembered that line, but by now I’m in doubt whether I’ve actually read it, since I can’t find the […]

Had no idea the Sagrada Familia was going to be this big

Had no idea the Sagrada Familia was going to be this big. When I first went to Barcelona two years ago, I was determined not to like this ‘hyped up’ church. I ended up spending a whole afternoon in Gaudi’s masterpiece and have returned both in 2012 and 2013 to admire the promise it resembles. […]

Why Richard Gere’s Arbitrage is worth your time

Yesterday, around 5:45pm, Tim and I realized we wanted to see The Master that very evening. Unfortunately, a couple of hundred New Yorkers had the same plan and were bright enough to book in advance. So we opted for Arbitrage, a movie about power starring Richard Gere as a sleek, successful, relentlessly ambitious and desperate […]