The talk show I always wanted to organize

When the Russian impressario Sergei Diaghilev (1872 – 1929) staged a performance with his Ballet Russes, he sometimes asked Coco Chanel for the costumes. Jean Cocteau wrote the scenario. Pablo Picasso painted the decor. Igor Stravinksy composed the music. Vaslav Nijinsky danced and George Balanchine choreographed. Just picture that for a moment. All these giants working for the same […]

Ezra Furman and The Boy-Friends, I haven’t forgotten about you

Last weekend, I wandered around in the woods of a small Dutch island. At the intimate festival called Into the Great Wide Open (only 6,000 attendees), concerts take place in the forests and at the beach. On Sunday, I stumbled upon a concert by Ezra Furman and The Boy-Friends and was captured by the incredible charismatic stage presence of Furman […]

Patti Smith gives advice to the young

A friend alerted me to this interview with Patti Smith – the epitome of punk cool – from 2012. She encourages young people to ignore everybody (‘don’t expect to be embraced’), to build a good name (‘protect your work, don’t compromise’), don’t be afraid for big audiences (‘the more people you can touch, the more wonderful […]

This psychedelic thing called the opera

During my studies, one professor always expressed his admiration for the opera. When he did, I always pictured the cliché: a grand lady in a red dress, endlessly singing something in Italian. I was wrong. Thanks to the welcoming people at the Dutch National Opera I have now seen three operas in the last couple […]

Jay Z explains why you shouldn’t shun the business side of a creative endeavor

soundboy: “People in the record business had always made a lot of money. Not the artists, who kept dying broke, but the execs. Still, regular fans had no idea who they were. Russell changed that. His brand as an executive mattered not just within the industry, but among people in the street. And with Def […]

“Seven Nation Army” at the European Championship of Football

Jack White when asked if he heard the crowd chanting “Seven Nation Army” at the European Championship of Football Last Monday I heard Jack White playing his most famous song at the stage of the Heineken Music Hall. It felt kinda good, to experience the freakin’ anthem of my teenage years LIVE. Deep inside though, […]