A short guide to crowdfunding journalism

In the spring of 2013, we raised 1.7M dollars with a crowdfunding campaign for our Dutch journalism platform De Correspondent. Two years later, we still receive invitations from conferences, students and journalists to talk about how we did it. We feel flattered by these requests. Yet we’re way too busy with our current challenges to […]

In response to @ev: these are our metrics for success

I want to go as far as saying that this article by Evan Williams alias @ev – who (co-)founded Blogger, Twitter and Medium – is already a classic, even though it appeared online today. Because I haven’t seen anyone else explaining the difficulty of measuring the success of a new media company in such a clear way as Williams […]

Getting past the dynastic Bush Clinton narrative

In a delightful honest and transparent post, The New York Times‘s public editor Margaret Sullivan expresses 17 hopes and dreams for her newspaper in 2015. She kicks off with this one: “Presidential campaign coverage that does not seem based on the idea that the presidency is dynastic, and must be handed down to a Clinton […]

The Problem With The King Of Clickbait

This The New Yorker profile of a young ‘viral guy’ shines a light on the supply side of the ‘ads race to the bottom’. It’s hilarious. Especially when the journalist visits his childhood home and meets the dad, who ‘speaks in passionate bursts that sound like unrelated fortune-cookie aphorisms spliced together’. But it’s also a depressing article. It shows how the […]

How to invest in growth according to Buzzfeed’s publisher Dao Nguyen

“When media companies think of growth, they tend to think of it as a marketing function. We talk about growth as a technology function—building tools and products, and making changes in your platform. That’s more lasting than a marketing campaign. Marketing campaigns end after you run out of money.” I agree 100% with Buzzfeed’s publisher Dao Nguyen. She […]

The ‘Everywhere’ Strategy

With De Correspondent, we publish our stories everywhere. Listen to our podcasts on our site, Soundcloud or iTunes? It’s up to you. Recently someone made fun of our low YouTube numbers. ‘They invested all this money in a video and all they got was a couple of hundred views’. Well, he missed the thousands of views of the  Facebook video.

Ophan: An Inside Look Into The Guardian’s Analytics Tool

A journalist from The Guardian once showed me their in-house analytics platform Ophan. I was really impressed by its clarity. Unlike Google Analytics – which has an interface that’s littered with features for analysts and marketers – Ophan is every man’s analytics platform.  Everyone at the company can easily access the tool, even on their phones. Yesterday, Journalism.co.uk published an extensive […]

Looking For Advertising Revenues, Advertising Revenues, And Advertising Revenues

Vox Media – home to Vox.com, The Verge, Eater and others – has raised a lot of money (again). Just like BuzzFeed and Vice did earlier. On The Awl, they know why: These investments are neither mysterious nor confusing. They are bets that companies with advertising revenue will be able to produce more advertising revenue, […]

Looking For The Best Content Management Systems (CMS) Out There

De Correspondent consists out of two parts: the journalism company and the technology company. (For those of you who don’t know us: we’re a Dutch journalism platform, raised a world record-breaking $1.7M with a crowdfunding campaign and now have 28,000 paying subscribers – €60p/y.) The technology company and editor is called Respondens and at some […]

Every month, our membership grows with at least one percent (thanks to Facebook)

I reckon that if the five dominating media companies joined forces, 80% of original-content news would be owned by that collective. The five common-front news houses would need to make just one move: no more streaming of free news. The result? No more free news for Google News. No more Facebook news feed. If you […]