Zo werkt Discover Weekly van Spotify

Spotify gebruikt dus heel slim algoritmes om uit een poel van door mensen geselecteerde muziek een persoonlijke playlist voor je samen te stellen. Binnenkort presenteren ze ook een nieuwe toevoeging – Fresh Finds – die ervoor zorgt dat je kersverse acts ontdekt.

Screenshot van Spotify Discover Weekly
Screenshot van Spotify Discover Weekly

“Spotify has built a taste profile for each user based on what they listen to. It assigns an affinity score to artists, which is the algorithm’s best guess of how central they are to your taste. It also looks at which genres you play the most to decide where you would be willing to explore new music.

The algorithms behind Discover Weekly finds users who have built playlists featuring the songs and artists you love. It then goes through songs that a number of your kindred spirits have added to playlists but you haven’t heard, knowing there is a good chance you might like them, too. Finally, it uses your taste profile to filter those findings by your areas of affinity and exploration. Because the playlist, that explicit act of curation, is both the source of the signal and the final output, the technique can achieve results far more interesting than run of the mill collaborative filtering.”

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Author: Ernst-Jan Pfauth

Ernst-Jan Pfauth (1986) is the cofounder and CEO of The Correspondent, an ad-free journalism platform that has over 60,000 paying members. He lives in New York with his family.

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