As a journalist, you can make a living from a thousand true fans — Ben Thompson is proof.

As a journalist, you can make a living from a thousand true fans. Ben Thompson is proof.

How encouraging is this: a journalist who succesfully launched a subscribtion model for just his own reporting. You can do this too!

American press about De Correspondent’s renewals

We’ve had some great international coverage about De Correspondent these last days, because enough members renewed their crowdfunding membership (over 11,000 of a group op 18,933 people signed up for another year – read the announcement on Medium):

  • Columbia Journalism Review about reader engagement;
  • GigaOM pointed out three things traditional media could learn from our site;
  • And Nieman Lab declared that ‘we’re still going strong’ in year two.

Every reader is an expert at something

Repost from MediumWhy we see journalists as conversation leaders and readers as expert contributors

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about news sites shutting down their comments sections, since readers’ contributions are often too obtrusive (read Mathew Ingrams excellent post about this).

Here in Amsterdam, we sincerely regret these developments, since we believe that modern journalists shouldn’t see their readers as a passive group of annoying followers. Instead, they should regard readers as a potential gold mine of expert information. That’s why, at De Correspondent, we encourage our journalists to act as conversation leaders and our members as expert contributors. Continue reading “Every reader is an expert at something”

Malcolm Gladwell is een held

Schrijver Malcolm Gladwell betoogde eind september in The New Yorker dat de netwerkrevolutie niet bestaat. Voor een revolutie heb je ‘strong ties’ – hechte vriendschappen en verbonden – nodig, geen ‘weak ties’ – de ietwat oppervlakkige connecties van sociale netwerken. Je moet voor elkaar door het vuur willen gaan, aldus Gladwell. Continue reading “Malcolm Gladwell is een held”