Journalism movies: 61 must-see movies for journalists (and 4 series)

I love journalism movies. I recently watched State of Play, a movie about a grumpy old reporter who investigates a billion dollar scandal. He gets some help from a newspaper blogger. The funny situations – ‘I don’t have an opinion, maybe I should read some blogs’ – and the ‘damn fine reporting’ inspired me. They […]

No great speeches to empty rooms

No great speeches to empty rooms. No finding a great piece of content but not doing the work to draw people’s attention to it. There’s a strange disconnect where you’re not supposed to care if anyone reads your thing, that it’s all about the intrinsic quality of the piece of work. Upworthy founder Eli Pariser’s […]

The article page is the platform

The stories themselves must become platforms. Once the story is realized as the central force for reader attention, you can build an experience around it. That experience might include ads, but it might also include software applications, shopping opportunities, financial transactions, and donations. Interesting notion by blogger Hamish McKenzie: use the article page as the […]