Bij De Correspondent verkopen we nu papieren boeken in de VS

Zoals ik vorige week aankondigde, hebben we ons eerste boek vertaald in het Engels en op onder andere Amazon met printing-on-demand aangeboden. Want waarom ook niet! Na publicaties in The Guardian, Gawker, Fortune en de BBC slingeren er zeshonderd edities van Utopia for Realists rond in Amerikaanse huishoudens. Gek idee! In dit stuk op Medium leg […]

Exploring the Frankfurt Buchmesse

I’m heading to the Buchmesse today, just caught an early train with my friend Daniël van der Meer. It’s a study trip for us, to see how the international book industry (net)works, but I won’t object if a German, French or any other foreign publisher wants to buy the rights of Rutger Bregmans book Free […]

Lessons from year one of De Correspondent

Repost from Medium: Here’s what happened to that world-record in journalism crowdfunding In November 2013, GigaOm’s Mathew Ingram reported on the Dutch journalism crowdfunding campaign which led to the founding of our publication, De Correspondent: It will be fascinating to watch De Correspondent, and see whether it can follow through on the incredible promise demonstrated by […]

De Correspondent now publishes books too

Excited to tell you we’ve started publishing books at De Correspondent (more about our platform here). Author Rutger Bregman has written about importance of utopian thinking on our platform and three months ago announced that he wanted to further explore these ideas in a book. We immediately though: why not publishing it ourselves. So here goes, […]

Every reader is an expert at something

Repost from Medium: Why we see journalists as conversation leaders and readers as expert contributors Lately, there has been a lot of talk about news sites shutting down their comments sections, since readers’ contributions are often too obtrusive (read Mathew Ingrams excellent post about this). Here in Amsterdam, we sincerely regret these developments, since we believe […]