Visiting the Tate for the first time; my 7 highlights

I have three rules for visiting a city: 1) never take the underground, 2) when you see a queue for a restaurant, join it and 3) visit the museum for modern art. Last week, when I visited London to speak at a journalism conference, I had a hard time abiding the first rule, but the third […]

Paul Klee

At the home where I grew up, a painting of Paul Klee adorned the staircase. I must’ve seen it a thousands times and I’ve loved Klee’s work ever since. I wonder whether this love is caused by just the familiarity and its nostalgic associations, or if the continuous confrontation with Klee’s work meant a starting […]

Mick Jagger and art dealer Robert Fraser

Richard Hamilton – Swingeing London 67 “Hamilton based this work on a photograph, appropriated from a newspaper, showing Mick Jagger handcuffed to the art dealer Robert Fraser. The photograph appeared following their appearance in court on drugs charges. Both were convicted.The title plays the term ‘Swinging London’ against the judge’s insistence on imposing a swingeing penalty. […]