Journalism movies: 61 must-see movies for journalists (and 4 series)

I love journalism movies. I recently watched State of Play, a movie about a grumpy old reporter who investigates a billion dollar scandal. He gets some help from a newspaper blogger. The funny situations – ‘I don’t have an opinion, maybe I should read some blogs’ – and the ‘damn fine reporting’ inspired me. They […]

A short guide to crowdfunding journalism

In the spring of 2013, we raised 1.7M dollars with a crowdfunding campaign for our Dutch journalism platform De Correspondent. Two years later, we still receive invitations from conferences, students and journalists to talk about how we did it. We feel flattered by these requests. Yet we’re way too busy with our current challenges to […]

Bringing journalists and technologists together on February 18th

On February 18th, my colleague Dimitri Tokmetzis and I will talk about how we try to encourage members of De Correspondent to share their knowledge. We’re invited by Eva de Valk. She organizes Hacks/Hackers, a meet-up that should bring journalists and technologists together. I’m a big fan of this idea, since journalists alone can’t figure out the […]

Finally watched ‘The Internet’s Own Boy’

Last night, I watched this documentary about Aaron Swartz (1986 – 2013). He was the co-founder of Reddit, RSS and the Stop Sopa campaign.  Impressed by how relentless this wunderkind lived. Basically he died because he wasn’t interested in the start-up money and fame, but pursued his ideals for a better world. Both a very tragic and […]

Becoming the ultimate resource on a topic

“The biggest source of waste is everything the journalist has written before today” Ezra Klein from wants his journalists responsible for constantly updating pages that are the ultimate resource on a topic. He told this The New York Times a couple of months ago (I found the remark while researching the much applauded CMS of Vox […]

How Subscription Models Lead to More Trustworthy Journalism

Ryan Holiday is a marketer. Even his name sounds catchy. Just like the title of his first book: Trust me I’m Lying. Confessions of a Media Manipulator (2012). Being a top marketer – Holiday served as Director of Marketing at American Apparel -, his book is also written in a catchy way – stuffed with punch lines. That’s […]

As a journalist, you can make a living from a thousand true fans — Ben Thompson is proof.

As a journalist, you can make a living from a thousand true fans. Ben Thompson is proof. How encouraging is this: a journalist who succesfully launched a subscribtion model for just his own reporting. You can do this too!

Focus on the big stories, no-one will remember the small ones

I once had the honour of dinner with #BenBradlee's at his home. He told me: "Focus on the big stories. No-one will remember the small ones." — Paul Lewis (@PaulLewis) October 22, 2014 Paul Lewis is The Guardian‘s Washington correspondent and got the advice from late Ben Bradlee (editor in chief of The Washington Post […]

Sullivan has over 30.000 subscribers

We currently have 30,200 paying auto-renewing subscribers. Our monthly traffic is between 700,000 to a million uniques, our subscription renewal rate is 83 percent. We also have a pay-what-you want model above a certain baseline. The average subscription when we launched was $34; this year it went up to $39, but with fewer subscribers Andrew […]

American press about De Correspondent’s renewals

We’ve had some great international coverage about De Correspondent these last days, because enough members renewed their crowdfunding membership (over 11,000 of a group op 18,933 people signed up for another year – read the announcement on Medium): Columbia Journalism Review about reader engagement; GigaOM pointed out three things traditional media could learn from our site; And […]